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Welcome to the new East Chicago Housing Authority (ECHA) website; we hope that it provides the information you are seeking and is user-friendly.

ECHA is moving forward to accomplish great things. The ECHA team is dedicated to modernizing our apartments, creating new affordable housing opportunities, and assisting our residents in reaching self-sufficiency goals. We hope to accomplish these important goals by working closely with the City and other local agencies to pool resources and capitalize on the momentum of redevelopment opportunities, such as the North Harbor Revitalization. We are committed to establishing new local, regional and national partnerships to be an active partner in the City’s vision for the waterfront. As such, we are in the planning phases of a major redevelopment effort.

The ECHA team is working to bring in private resources to invest in our communities and is continuously looking for ways to operate more efficiently. The uncertain economic times has made the way we carry out our mission more critical than ever. We are working to ensure that we maximize the funding available to improve the properties we own, explore new development opportunities in a wider range of neighborhoods and expand our partnerships with others who share our vision.

Community News


ECHA Receives Grant to Help Youth

NEW! East Chicago Juvenile Re-entry Assistance Project Brochure

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The East Chicago Housing Authority (ECHA) has received a grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to partner with  Indiana Legal Services, Inc. (ILS) to help young people reduce the bad effects of a juvenile or criminal record.The program will focus on youth, 24 years old or younger, who have a criminal record and:

1) are currently living in public housing or      

2) who are former public housing residents but still have family living in public housing.

Eligible youth can receive legal help to expunge, seal or correct their juvenile or adult criminal arrest or conviction records when permitted under   Indiana state law. They also can get legal help:

· to obtain a special driver’s license needed for a job,

· to get an occupational license (i.e. barber or beautician license),

· relating to employment,

· modifying child support orders and for other family law needs.

The project is scheduled to begin on July 1.  More information will be forthcoming.  If you have any questions, please contact us at     219-392-3543 ext. 10 - Ernest Signars, Community Service Director, or ECHA Administrative office at 219-397-9974 ext. 35 or 30, or call Indiana Legal Services at (219) 738-6040.



Senior Housing Available in East Chicago

The East Chicago Housing Authority staff has Senior Housing in the City of East Chicago.  The Hunter Building is located at 3625 Pulaski St.

Units are available and we welcome the opportunity to assist applicants in meeting their housing needs.  Applications for Senior and Near Elderly Persons (57 years of age and older) can be obtained at ECHA’s Main Office, 4920 Larkspur, East Chicago, Indiana on Tuesday and Thursday Only!  Time:  8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

If you are interested and want us to help you in meeting your housing needs, please call to schedule an appointment.  Our agency will be happy to assist you in completing the necessary documentation to determine your eligibility.

If you require a reasonable accommodation for a disability to fully utilize our program, please contact our Admission’s office for assistance at 219-397-9974 x 33.


                                             JAMES HUNTER SENIOR BLDG.

                                      JAMES HUNTER BLDG




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Mayor Anthony Copeland Launches ECWORKS 311 App in East Chicago

November 7, 2014 -- Mayor Anthony Copeland is launching a new and innovative phone app that will allow residents to assist with non-emergency issues. The new app is just one of the many tools Mayor Anthony Copeland is offering in order to provide the best city services to residents. ECWORKS 311 is a combination of services that allow residents to report and track non-emergency issues directly to city departments. The customized app, powered by SeeClickFix, offers a service menu which allows citizens to report community issues and problems such as: graffiti, potholes, streetlight outages, damaged trees, weeds, garbage collection, street maintenance, abandoned vehicles, signage issues, street pavement and more residents to document neighborhood concerns and improvements alike, ranging from litter and flooding to damaged sidewalks and malfunctioning traffic signals.

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    West Calumet Relocation Information

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Executed Voluntary Compliance Agreement (VCA)

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ECHA is awarded $100,000 for Juvenile Reentry Program.

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ECHA Demolition-Disposition for Unsafe Environmental Issues of the Property

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ECHA Demolition-Disposition of Distraught and Vacant Properties

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The East Chicago Housing Authority is issuing Requests for Proposal/Quotes for the following:


Davis-Bacon Requirements Guidebook for Contractors

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Download ECHA 2016 Annual Plan

Download ECHA Five Year Plan 2015 - 2019 and 2015 Annual Plan
Download Approved Amended 2014 Annual Plan/ACOP

ECHA's Annual Plans are available to view. The links above provide access to PDF files which can be downloaded. Copies are available at the following locations: 
ECHA's Main Office, 4920 Larkspur Drive

West Calumet Management Office, 4942 Mc Cook Street
James Hunter Senior Building, 3625 Pulaski Street
John B. Nicosia Senior Building, 4720 Railroad Avenue

If you have questions regarding the Plans, please contact Rita De La Rosa, HUD Compliance Coordinator at 219-397-9974 ext. 35.

Please check out the City's newsletter, it includes important local civic updates and updates on redevelopment efforts in the North Harbor Downtown area and the Waterfront Development area.  http://www.eastchicago.com/resources/ECLIFENEWSLETTERWEB.pdf

Harborside Apartments Waiting List is OPEN.

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ECHA’s Waiting Lists for Public Housing is CLOSED.

Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Waiting List is CLOSED.